It looks like leaving Twlight was the best thing Catherine Hardwicke could do. While there have been insider murmurings and rumors that Summit wasn't happy with her work, that's not stopping her from getting a whole heck of a lot of it now that she's left the vampires behind. We've already heard about Maximum Ride, If I Stay, and the modern Hamlet. Now The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Biz Blog is saying that there are also some biggie projects that could end up on her plate.

First, Hardwicke is said to be in negotiations to helm The Girl with the Red Riding Hood -- the Appian Way/Leonardo DiCaprio project I mentioned earlier this month. (Variety, meanwhile, seems to think it's definite.) But that's not all. It seems she's also in early talks to helm the new feature film version of 21 Jump Street -- the project Jonah Hill is writing and thinking about starring in. Of course, there could be scheduling problems with all of these productions, so that will definitely play into whether she gets the gigs. Due to the wavering opinions over her take on Twilight, I figured she wouldn't get more than the easy comfort projects of teen angst. Those themes are surely present in her upcoming films, but there's also action and potential blockbuster comedy in the list. It'll be interesting to see how she handles them, and whether her Twilightbox office success continues. Are you game?

And as an aside, have you ever checked out her roster as a production designer? It's a pretty impressive (and varied) collection ranging from I'm Gonna Git You Sucka to Vanilla Sky.
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