dollhouse season two promo

- Fox has released new promo images for the second season of Dollhouse featuring solo shots of all the cast members, including a fresh-faced Victor (Enver Gjokaj), who was last seen getting his mug sliced up by Alpha last season. These come just days after a batch of very, very tiny (and spoilery) promo pics for the season premiere showed up online. Dollhouse returns to Fox on Sept. 25.

- A&E Home Video has tons of special features planned for its upcoming Farscape DVD releases. The sets are due November 17. Anyone think huge DVD sales could lead to a new season of Farscape, or a jump to the big screen, ala Serenity? (Or at least a Blu-ray release?)

- Damn, those Smallville folks give good trailer. Head after the jump for the first official look at season nine -- and Clark Kent's Matrix-style super suit. Smallville premieres Sept. 25 on The CW. object width="400" height="319">

- Yesterday, we showed you the cool new key art for the upcoming Stargate Universe, the third Stargate series from Syfy. Earlier this week, our pals at Gateworld pointed us to this fan video of stars Michael Shanks and Robert Carlyle filming a scene for one of the upcoming episodes. The fan also snapped some photos from the set.

- The new promo for NBC's Heroes, which comes back Sept. 21, features the characters dreaming about what their lives would be like sans superpowers. It also gives us an early look at Robert Knepper's baddie, Samuel, and what looks like Ray Park doing some quick stunt work.

- As Hardcore Nerdity already observed, now is the perfect time for Star Trek geeks to get in debt thanks to this insane William Shatner Visa card.

- Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, last seen in Ron Moore's Virtuality and the short-lived Fox series New Amsterdam, has joined the cast of HBO's Game of Thrones, an adaptation of George R.R. Martin fantasy-book series. Coster-Waldau joins cast members Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage.

- And finally ... the producers of Dancing With the Stars have made The Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno very, very ... you know ... by not asking him to compete on the show's next season. Were they afraid he would .. smash the competition? (sigh.)
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