Bringing naughty words to film marquees everywhere, Quentin Tarantino's latest film not only took the lead on its opening weekend but was the only one of last week's four new releases to land in the top five:

1. Inglourious Basterds: $38.5 million
2. District 9: $18.2 million
3. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra: $12.2 million
4. The Time Traveler's Wife: $9.7 million
5. Julie & Julia: $8.8 million

Halloween is coming early this year and to celebrate we've got two films competing to scare the pants off us.

The Final Destination
What's It All About:
In this fourth installment of the horror franchise a group of teens cheat death at a racetrack only to find that the grim reaper will track them down eventually.
Why It Might Do Well: Dude, it's in 3D!
Why It Might Not Do Well:
The only thing the series ever had going for it was spectacular death scenes. Might this premise be running out of steam?
Number of Theaters:
$26 million

Halloween 2
What's It All About:
In this sequel to Rob Zombie's Halloween remake, Michael Myers is not nearly as dead as we were led to believe and he continues his reign of terror.
Why It Might Do Well:
Despite grumbling from a lot of horror fans, the previous film took in about $80 million worldwide and had a $26 million opening weekend.
Why It Might Not Do Well:
Personally, I was lukewarm on Zombie's Halloween and don't feel it warrants a sequel.
Number of Theaters:
$22 million So which brand of scares will people be paying to see? I'm thinking the 3D will give The Final Destination an edge, so:
1. The Final Destination
2. Halloween 2
3. Inglourious Basterds
4. District 9
5. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Shorts was the one that threw most of us off last week, and most of us expected it to do better than sixth place. NP led the pack this week and here's how we all did:
1. NP: 13
2. EnglishGavz: 11
2. lostinafog: 11
2. Gregory Rubinstein: 11
3. VP: 9
3. Alex Focker: 9
3. WJDR: 9
3. Ray: 9
3. greatone: 9
4. Rocket Raccoon: 8
4. Tony le Stephanois: 8
4. Matt: 8
5. CParis: 6
5. TheCritic28: 6
5. Vera: 6
6. zimka: 5
7. viewdrix: 4

Post your predictions for the top five movies in the comments section below before 5:00PM Eastern Time on Friday. One point for every top five movie correctly named, two points for every correct placement, and one extra point for the top movie.