Without a doubt, there's a potential for greatness with the news that Disney bought Marvel Entertainment. With Pixar in the mix, this could mean a whole collection of cool animated superhero movies where the boundaries of human law are no object. But what about the other side?

Even the best laid plains or ideas can go horribly wrong. It's not like Hollywood, or Disney for that matter, have a perfect track record of cinematic goodness. Obviously, they picked up Marvel because they like what the company is doing, and want to get in on the action. But admiration doesn't always make for loyal productions. Just think about all the great books that get made into terrible films, or any company that buys another and then strives to make "improvements." Could this bring us a collection of superhero flicks like X-Men: The Last Stand? A Ratnerized universe of ruined heroes? It's possible, although it's much more likely that we could get films that just don't get it, or don't invoke the universal fan glee that projects like X2 and Iron Man inspire. What would you do if future projects came out like Daredevil? If we got even more mediocre-at-best Fantastic Fourish films? Or, oh God, imagine if the superheroes got the treatment that fairy tales got with Disney -- most of the eerie frights bled out until nothing more than bubblegum goodness remained? Or, even worse, as Scott tweeted today: "Zac Efron cast as Peter Parker. Nope, it hasn't happened, but do brace yourself for news items like this one." The Spider-Man musical on stage might be dead, but...

What do you fear now that Disney has its hands in Marvel?
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