Let's face it; none of us would be here if we didn't like talking about movies. If you are anything like me, you spend your days scouring for movie news, reading about your favorite films and directors, and sometimes even getting into the odd heated argument. So while most of us play armchair quarterback when it comes to the art of movie making, there are plenty of honest to goodness artists who love to talk about movies just as much as we do, and one person who needs no such prompting is Quentin Tarantino.

The director recently filmed an introductory clip to There Will Be Blood for Sky Movies and despite being a little surprised at the idea that Tarantino and P.T. Anderson are movie BFF's, it did get me thinking about some of the other directors who love to talk about the movies. The rise of the DVD commentary opened up a whole new world to movie geeks like myself, giving us the chance to learn more about the movies we love. But as interesting as it is to hear a filmmaker talk about their work -- sometimes I think it's even better to hear them talk about somebody else's movie.

After the jump; Tarantino's TWBB review, and more movie-making chatterboxes.. span style="font-weight: bold;">The 'Geek'-- Quentin Tarantino
Maybe it's because Tarantino spent his formative years working in a video store, but when it comes to being passionate about movies (and not just for his own creations) there are few people that can match him. Whether you admire his encyclopedic knowledge of obscure and foreign titles, or you just like watching someone with plenty of enthusiasm, you can't argue that Tarantino loves the art of film, and is just as happy to talk about movies as he is to make them.

The Storyteller - Kevin Smith
You may not like the films of Kevin Smith, but after watching this clip you can't tell me that this guy doesn't know how to tell an entertaining story. Listening to Smith talk about movies is like having a conversation with one of your friends, and there are very few people who can connect with their audience like that. Granted, his critiques aren't always the most 'highbrow', but that doesn't mean they aren't accurate -- and more importantly, pretty damn funny.

The Historian - Martin Scorsese
In a perfect world I would spend my days listening to Martin Scorsese telling me about movies, but I think that A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies is probably about as close as I am ever going to get to that fantasy. Scorsese has always been a bit of a 'Chatty Cathy', but in just over four hours the man dazzles you with his love, and knowledge of classic Hollywood film -- considering the amount of wisdom that Papa Scorsese doles out over the course of the doc, you almost expect to walk out with a degree.

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