I may be a movie format Luddite when it comes to this newfangled 3D technology, but I'm not totally impervious to the charm of seeing Iron Man fly the friendly skies in 3D, and I'm certainly curious to see Disney and Pixar revamp Toy Story and Beauty and the Beast into something even more tangible. But why stop there? I have a whole room of movies I'd like to see converted, and I humbly offer the five following suggestions to studio and technical bigwigs:


The swords, the spears, the splotchy blood, and the ripping muscles make this one a no-brainer. Just think of the repeat ticket sales from all the girls (and guys -- your cries on the Hunks of Comic-Con comments didn't fall on deaf ears), who want to see Gerard Butler's bum in full 3D. The box office is hardly flagging, but if it does, just run this one through the converter machine.


The streams would cross right before your eyes. Plus, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in 3D would be worth the price of admission, especially if they could introduce Smell-O-Vision along with it. Mmmm!

Even if you're totally prepared for the face-huggers and chest cavity bursters after all these years, having them fly at your face would make you jump out of your seat again.
em>Gangs of New York
I could warm up to this film if Daniel Day-Lewis' enormous stovepipe hat and jaunty plaid pants seemed so real that I could reach out of the screen and touch them. Just about every scene with Bill the Butcher would lend itself to 3D -- the knife-throwing, the butchering, the bald eagle eyeball, the bludgeoning.

The Bourne Supremacy

Because I'm not going to feel like I'm in the middle of the action until I have 3D shaky cam. It might make my brain bleed, but I'll be so pumped that I won't even care.

Which older films would you like to see again in 3D?
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