I've been a bit of a lapsed Bond-ophile as the series has evolved over the years. I grew up with Roger Moore's slightly more campy Bond, and as an adult I worked my way through the Connery years for a little historical perspective...and yes, I even gave Timothy Dalton a try. But by the time Pierce Brosnan had stepped in I had tuned out. The arrival of Daniel Craig as our new Bond was the chance to reignite a franchise, and say what you will about Casino Royale, (and there is plenty to complain about, which for the purposes of time and brevity, I won't get into here) Craig proved that he could hold his ground as 007. But no matter what I may have thought about Royale, by the time the credits rolled on Quantum of Solace, all was forgiven.

So today's Credits Report might be a bit of a cheat because really, it's about two scenes: the opening car chase, and the iconic Bond theme by Alica Keys and Jack White. So first let's get to that car chase. Well, you can't have Bond without a little vehicular mayhem and Forster delivers with expert uses of sound and stunts. We even get Bond delivering a rare moment of cheekiness before those opening chords of Solace's theme.

After the jump; a few words about Keys and White's 'Bond Song' and two worthy additions to Bond's canon of car chases and snazzy credit sequences...
So now on to the music: I might be in the minority, but I enjoyed White and Key's collaboration, Another Way to Die. The song mixed just enough of that old fashioned Bassey swing with the rock and roll vibe that seems to work so well with Craig's macho Bond. So when MK12's title sequence kicks in, with a custom font no less, you get all the usual Bond tropes like slo-mo bullets and half-naked silhouettes, but it's all just a little bit, I don't know...different. So maybe that's why I like these credits so much; maybe because just like the film that is about to come, it's Bond alright, but thankfully, it's not like any other one to come before.

The Opening Car Chase

Quantum of Solace's Opening Credits.