Now that The Road is making its way to audiences -- with a solid review from our Eugene Novikov -- word of future features is starting to pour in, and man, the news is sweet. Variety starts off their post-Road piece with the news that screenwriter Joe Penhall is gearing up to remake the Gallic heist film La Bonne Annee, and wants Daniel Craig to star in it. But the better news follows that. While Road director John Hillcoat always works with Nick Cave (who scored the Viggo Mortensen-starring drama), he is now gearing up for another Cave-penned piece.

This is a fresh breath of cinematic air to anyone who has seen The Proposition -- the film Cave penned in less than a month, and one that single-handedly made me rethink my distaste of westerns. Unfortunately, this is a mixed blessing: The gig in question will be an adaptation of Cave's novel The Death of Bunny Munro, but there's no word on who will adapt this. Considering the achievements Cave made with Proposition, we can only hope that it's him. But just to bring things around full-circle to the first bit of news, Hillcoat is also talking to Daniel Craig for the project. (Not to mention another project between the writer and filmmaker -- a big screen adaptation of Penhall's play, "Landscape with Weapons.")
span style="font-style: italic;">Bunny is far from a gritty period western. This novel focuses on Bunny, a door-to-door salesman and womanizer who rethinks his carefree life after the suicide of his wife. And we're not talking just some subtle bed-hopper. The clip Cave recites below includes gems like "a skin-colored thong as anatomically integrated as sausage skin." This might also sound familiar -- it's so very similar to the old news that the pair were re-teaming with Ray Winstone for Death of a Ladies Man -- a project with an almost identical plot summary. So let's hope that this is the script still in fruition ... and what about Winstone? Craig can be cool and all, but this seemed like a great Proposition rematch.

And just to top things off -- the movie might not be made yet, but Cave already made a soundtrack for the book.

Warning: The clip below is just Nick Cave reading passages from the book, but the content is not exactly work-appropriate. Clip nabbed courtesy of /Film.

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