Only two months ago, Robert Rodriguez said that Red Sonja was still in the works, and that although money problems were plaguing the production, the Double R still wanted to make it. Fast-forward two months and star Rose McGowan seriously injured her arm doing her own stunts. The actress told Fox News' Pop Tarts:

I had wrist and elbow surgery and they took part of my elbow out. I had really bad nerve damage from doing stunts -- I do a lot of my own stunts. I could no longer use my arm, but now I can hold a fork and drive so we're working our way up. It'll probably be another six months of rehab, but it's the price you pay for being really limber and being able to do back flips!

Tarts says it's from doing stunts for the film, but the quote makes it sound more like injury from doing stunts in general.* Whatever the case, now things are making sense. On August 26, McGowan vaguely tweeted: "Just this once I'll address questions about Red Sonja & others I was meant to do in '08. Major personal & private reasons I pulled out. Starting 2 want to work again. Sometimes real life f***ing sucks. That's all God bless us survivors." A few days later, she followed it up with: "To clarify press reports: Red Sonja is delayed. I pulled out of doing it in '09. Not permanently. Hopefully will follow Conan." And also: "I am still contracted to do it Red Sonja. Hopefully filming in '10 not '09."

Will it come to fruition? Hard to say. But I think it's safe to assume that there will be a lot more stunt double work in McGowan's future. Best wishes to the actress and her rehabilitation. We need our machine gun-legged hero!

*Added note: I'm really hoping Fox News is responsible for a later quote in the piece where she talked about the film "The Doomed Generation."

*UPDATE: As suspected, McGowan did not injure herself while performing stunts as Red Sonja. In a new Twitter update, the actress said: "News is wrong! No injuries stopped the filming on Red Sonja! Film didn't start. Stunt on Planet Terror & eventual arm/hand surgery delayed."
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