Written by Jodie Kearns

Solipsistic slacker Cooper (Christopher Marquette) is on the verge of being fired when a strange sound phenomenon causes him to pass out. He wakes up to find himself wrapped in webbing, and after freeing himself discovers that everyone is similarly cocooned. He manages to unwrap a few people who band together to make their way to a safe haven, while trying to figure out how to fight off the full scale infestation of insectoid monsters.

Infestation, written and directed by Kyle Rankin, is a lighthearted, B-movie style action-packed creature feature with endearing characters and dialogue that sparkles. The plot is fairly straightforward and uncomplicated but is bolstered by the ragtag bunch of interesting and quirky people who've been thrown together. The film plays with the idea of how people's roles in life would change in a post apocalyptic situation. The deaf janitor becomes a heroic figure, while the glamorous, highly paid weather girl finds that her looks, once greatly advantageous, are suddenly useless. Marquette is charming and funny as the gutsy hero and it's a real treat to have Ray Wise playing his overbearing father.

Infestation is a film that wouldn't feel out of place on an 80s video shelf, maybe next to Night of the Creeps, ready to thrill you with its hordes of scuttling and hovering insectoid beasties and zombie-like human/insect miscreations.

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