NOW IT CAN BE TOLD: Today at Paramount's DVD luncheon commemorating the release of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood and Part VII: Jason Takes Manhattan, actor Kane Hodder, who played Jason Voorhees in both films, made a surprising revelation about the trailer for Jason Takes Manhattan, a perennial favorite among fans of the series. "This is the first time I've ever said it: that's not me," he announced. "We were shooting in Vancouver, that was done on the Jersey side of Manhattan, and I don't know who it is."

Hodder was first cast in The New Blood and stayed with the series for four installments, including the two New Line iterations Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X. Hodder said that not only was he not the hockey-mask-wearing manic in question when that teaser was shot, but he didn't feel like the actual performer played the character accurately. "You can tell it's not me," Hodder said. "I would never turn around and stand like that! I hate how he turned around, and he looks kind of small to me, too. I don't know why they didn't wait until we got to New York, but they had to do it while we were still in Vancouver. I wasn't too happy about it. That whole thing is not me."

Check out the trailer below:

All kidding aside, this is a pretty big deal for Friday fans, including yours truly. Unfortunately, the trailer was not included on the forthcoming DVD for Jason Takes Manhattan. Dan Farrands, who produced all of the bonus materials for this series of Friday releases, said that limited time and resources prohibited his team from including it. "There was talk about putting the trailer on for Part VIII, but I don't remember what specifically happened with that," Farrands said. "We could not either find it or there was some problem about putting it on. We talked about trailers for all of them and maybe some made it over and some didn't. We did everything we could within that time frame, so we tried."

(Friday the 13th Part VII and Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan slash their way into stores on September 15, 2009.)
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