Up in the Air
Juno director Jason Reitman adapts Walter Kim's novel about a human resources administrator (George Clooney) who has just met the woman of his dreams. The trailer is a bit vague, showing a string of unexplained scenes as Clooney's character delivers a corporate speech, but Reitman's presence has grabbed my attention. Watch for this one on December 4.

The House of the Devil
An old school creep-fest influenced by movies from the 1970s. A college student takes a babysitting job to earn cash for a deposit on an apartment, but once she arrives at a creepy house in the middle of the woods she's told there is no baby and that night just happens to coincide with a lunar eclipse. I want to see this one right now. This will be out just in time for Halloween.
A group of bank robbers repeatedly thwart the police. I really don't see anything here to differentiate this from any other heist film. This one comes out on February 19.

Black Dynamite

Seems like we've been waiting for this one for quite awhile but here's a new trailer for this homage to 70s blaxploitation films, this time playing up the laughs more than before. It gets a limited release on October 16.

The Princess and the Frog

New trailer for Disney's latest animated feature, noteworthy for featuring the first African American Disney Princess character and for using classic 2D style animation and not CGI. The kids will love this. Watch for it on December 11.

Plan 9
Whenever a classic film is remade you always here fans cry "blasphemy!" But what about when the classic in question is considered by many to be the worst film ever made? Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space is a masterpiece of badness, so a remake can only improve on it, right? This new Plan 9 looks like your basic zombie flick, but it looks like a decent slice of b-movie fun. No release date yet.

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  • The Road - A man and his son struggle to stay alive as they make their way across a post-apocalyptic America.
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