Last year, lovers of good cinema worldwide were baffled by what seemed to be a sign of the end times, as Hasbro and Universal teamed up to develop movies from popular board games and lured directors like Ridley Scott in to helm them. Now, Variety reports that Battleship moves closer to production with director Peter Berg at the helm, and is aiming for a release date of July 1, 2011.

Berg describes Battleship as "a contemporary story of an international five-ship fleet engaged in a very dynamic, violent and intense battle" but wouldn't name what country is supplying the enemies of the piece. He's very enthusiastic about the project, noting that he's always wanted to pit ship against ship, navy against navy. "I've been consumed with doing one of these since I tried to convince Tom Rothman at Fox to make a film about John Paul Jones, the founder of the American Navy. As a kid, I was dragged from Navy museum to museum, and spent so much time on ships, listening to my father talk about the great battles of WWII, I did my high school thesis on the Battle of Midway. When this came up, it didn't take me long to find a take for a film that is filled with raucous action-packed naval battles."

However, Berg didn't go into Battleship without doing a little gunrunning of his own. It's part of a two movie deal Berg made with Universal and in exchange for the Hasbro adaptation, he'll get to helm an Afghan war drama, Lone Survivor. So perhaps for every toy movie, we'll get a really solid drama that wouldn't be financed otherwise. Maybe we'll even get one about John Paul Jones, which I would vastly prefer to Battleship. I mean, I don't think I ever played a game of Battleship that didn't end in a screaming match because someone's submarine mysteriously escaped destruction despite that you'd covered the entire board in white pegs. How can that bode well for a film?
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