X-Men Origins: Wolverine
After X-Men and X2, we expected a lot from our adamantium man. But rather than slipping in as another irresistible cinematic piece of high-action fun, we got a flick that didn't even begin to live up to our love of the claws. Jeffrey M. Anderson said a number of negative things about the film, including: "The movie's whitewashing of all the gray areas between good and evil is just one side effect of its dubious approach." Skip it. Also on Blu-ray.

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Easy Virtue
At it's most basic, this is that period piece with Jessica Biel. But it's also the film Eugene Novikov said: "is a droll and witty delight, a superb showcase for its cast, and a return to fine form for The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert director Stephan Elliott, who last turned in the unsettling but incomprehensible Eye of the Beholder nearly 10 years ago." Buy it. Also on Blu-ray.

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I can't say it better than Eric D. Snider, who said: "If you are the sort of person who might enjoy an effed-up gore-fest about a woman who delivers an undead baby, you can rest assured that Grace lives up to its potential." Also, it's "the most effective anti-procreation stories ever told." Rent it. Also on Blu-ray.

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Treeless Mountain
This Korean film is about a 6-year-old girl who takes care of her younger sister without being old enough to fully comprehend that is going on in their troubled lives. In his column, Jeffrey M. Anderson called it: "a new film that I believe transcends all this genre nonsense and gets back to the core of a coming-of-age film."Buy it.

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Nerdcore Rising

A look into the nerdcore hiphop movement where the usual topics are all passed for nerdy wordplay. In her review, Jette Kernion said: "Perhaps this could lead to peace and understanding between nerds and the people who normally mock them? Well, probably not, but Nerdcore Rising is a crowd-pleaser for at least one type of audience." Rent it.

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It's a documentary adaptation of a theatrical monologue, stemming from personal letters. It focuses on Dalton Trumbo, a Hollywood writer brought before the House Un-American Activities Committee and Joe McCarthy. James Rocchi's review called it "informative, impassioned, insightful; it's funny and fabulous and filled with film-love." Buy it.

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This week is raining down Blu-rays!

An American Werewolf in London Full Moon Edition
The film is getting a decent Blu-ray transfer, but it's not to the lengths that you might hope for. To ease the sting of a less-than-perfectly-stellar visual experience, there's a whole slew of special features. Blu-ray.com says: "While the film shows its age on Blu-ray, it still looks and sounds great for a nearly 30 year-old catalog title, and the disc comes with a full moon's worth of special features."

Army of Darkness Screwhead Edition
Well hello Mr. Fancy Pants! I know that there has been about a billion different Army of Darkness DVD releases, but the last Blu-ray release has been discontinued, so this is the one to get to go back in time with high definition. As DVDTown says, this not only has the crisp look and sound, but also a group of special features that includes an all-new making-of feature called "Creating the Deadites."

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I Am Cuba: The Ultimate Edition
The big collector's release this week -- and one that looks like it was released once before -- Slant Magazine called the last release "a cinephile's wet dream, a collage of Herculean feats of technical wizardry that would be easy to dismiss if it wasn't so humane."

If you're looking for old-school fare, Essential Art House has a whole new set of releases: Le Jour se Lève, Mayerling, Gervaise, Throne of Blood, The 39 Steps, and Tales of Hoffmann

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