I've gotten behind on my usually-faithful upkeep of a monthly DVD guide, so when Weinberg sent a long a list of all the titles hitting shelves today, I was a little overwhelmed. My wallet has been taking a pounding lately, and this new crop of catalog films newly minted for Blu-ray is certainly not going to let up on the beat down.

Best of the New Releases: Grace, "Fear Itself"
Paul Solet's pregnancy horror film Grace has already been covered here and there on HorrorSquad, but I'll re-cap: I don't like it, Weinberg loves it, and Goss likes it, but doesn't love it. The Blu-ray has been available for the past few weeks exclusively at Best Buy, but today marks the expansion of the both the GraceBlu and DVD flavors to all fine retailers.

The other noteworthy title of the week is the release of NBC's "Masters of Horror" spin-off, "Fear Itself". I haven't seen all of the episodes in the set, mainly because NBC didn't air them all, but it's like all other horror anthology shows. Some episodes work, most don't. I've got a soft-spot for anthologies, though, so this is a rental queue jumper for me. strong>Best of the Catalog Releases:
First up, we have the long awaited HD release of John Landis' An American Werewolf in London. The new feature-length documentary makes this "Full Moon Edition", available on regular DVD as well, the loveliest release of the film yet.

Next is a brand new edition of Army of Darkness, which I do believe marks the 1,800th time Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy cap has hit retail (also available on DVD). Following that is Rob Reiner's delightful Misery on Blu, as well as Blu's for Child's Play and the maybe-I-should-give-it-a-second-shot Wrong Turn 2.

And, of course, I think most truly dedicated horror fans already had today marked down as the final release of Phantasm II on Region 1 DVD. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall this being a sign of the apocalypse.

All the Rest (with snark where applicable):

- Deadgirl (Complete crap)
- Van Helsing Blu-ray (Complete crap, but for different reasons)
- Hannibal Lecter Collection Blu-Ray
- Wrong Turn Blu-ray
- The Wolfman (Snappy looking Legacy Edition)
- Wes Craven Collection (Serpent and the Rainbow, Shocker, The People Under the Stairs)
- John Carpenter "Master of Fear Collection (The Thing, The Prince of Darkness, They Live, Village of the Damned)
- Texas Chainsaw Collection (The Platinum Dunes double-bills, not the originals)
- Rest Stop Collection (will anyone actually own this?)
- House on Haunted Hill Collection (I actually like the remake, but this is a weak collection)
- Friday the 13th Part 7
- Friday the 13th Part 8
- King Kong vs Godzilla
- King Kong Escapes
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