Every now and then we'll throw our fanatical shirt-making friends over at Dutch Southern a little love because those cats are always coming up with some cool, refreshing and totally random movie-related t-shirt that I simply must have. Yes, I'm a movie t-shirt guy -- as are a lot of my movie bloggin' colleagues -- and there's always been this unspoken competition amongst us to see who can show up at the next film festival or set visit with the freshest, most fanboy-esque movie t-shirt. And the shirts also make for great conversation starters. In fact, I wore my John Carpenter character shirt to an Extract screening and found myself talking to Mike Judge about it for awhile as he tried to figure out which character was from which flick.

So, that being said, the peeps at Dutch have released their latest t-shirt, called Product Placement -- and basically it includes a whole bunch of fictional corporate logos from a wide array of films. Some of the company logos included on the shirt are Cyberdyne Systems (Terminator), Paper Street Soap Company (Fight Club), Spatula City (UHF), S-mart (Army of Darkness), Doc Hopper's Frog Legs (The Muppet Movie), Hudsucker Industries (The Hudsucker Proxy), ICS (Running Man) and so many more. The shirt was designed by Josh Eacret, it costs $19 and you can head after the jump for a complete list of company logos featured.

Click image below for a larger version of the t-shirt, and pick one up for yourself right here.

%Gallery-73344% Elsinore Beer - Strange Brew
Cyberdyne Systems - Terminator
Weyland Yutani - Alien
Chico's Bail Bonds - Bad News Bears
Paper Street Soap Company - Fight Club
Spatula City - UHF
S-mart - Army of Darkness
SMEAT - Waterworld
Dapper Dan - O Brother, Where Art Thou
Doc Hopper's Frog Legs - The Muppet Movie
Death Records - Phantom of the Paradise
Winkies - Mulholland Drive
Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems - Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
ConSec - Scanners
Happy Toyz - Maximum Overdrive
Red Apple Cigarettes - Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol. 1
Gypsy Cab Co - Royal Tenenbaums
Kobayashi Porcelain - Usual Suspects
Rekall - Total Recall
Nakatomi Trading Corporation - Die Hard
Initech - Office Space
OCP - Robocop
Lester Corp. - Being John Malkovich
Encom - Tron
Mr. Smiley's - American Beauty
Tyrell Corp. - Blade Runner
The Very Big Corporation of America - Monty Python's Meaning of Life
Spectacular Optical - Videodrome
Hudsucker Industries - Hudsucker Proxy
CRS Consumer Recreation Services - The Game
ICS - Running Man
Double Deuce - Road House
Lacuna Inc. - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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