Solomon Kane

Like Conan the Barbarian, Solomon Kane is a creation of author Robert E. Howard, though most of us have probably never heard of the character. This lavishly produced effects/action/fantasy extravaganza is looking to change that. and it looks pretty awesome. No U.S. release date just yet.

Disney's A Christmas Carol
Robert Zemeckis's 3D animated flick looks far flashier than anything Charles Dickens had in mind. Then again, since everyone knows the story forward and backward, embellishment is almost mandatory. This looks like a nice slice of holiday movie fun and you can watch for it on November 6.
Valentine's Day
A respectable cast stars in this tale of intertwining couples and how they all react to Valentine's Day. There may be something to this one, but if so the trailer hides it very well. This one releases on February 12.

Valhalla Rising
An impressive looking Viking adventure centered on an accomplished warrior and former slave named One-Eye who believe it or not is not known for his depth perception. No U.S. release info yet.

A Girl Cut in Two
Not as gory as the title might imply. This French language suspense thriller deals with a woman torn between two men with potentially deadly (to say nothing of sexy) consequences. This has already had a limited U.S. theatrical run and is probably on its way to DVD.

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