Well, you've already seen what Weinberg and Hall were most looking forward to with regards to Fantastic Fest 2009: The Fantast-ening, and I fall somewhere in between, having already seen some damn good films and yet eagerly anticipated a great deal more -- and that's not to mention the Secret Screenings!

I'm putting my picks in alphabetical order, because numerical order would be like asking me to pick a favorite child that I haven't even met yet. Or something. Whatever. On with the list!

District 13: Ultimatum

What is it? -- A sequel to 2006's severely kick-ass District 13 (or B13 in the States), in which the eponymous ghetto is once again in danger... unless a certain cop (Cyril Raffaelli) and a certain vigilante (David Belle) team up once more to eliminate the threat.

Why am I excited? -- "Parkour!"


What is it? -- A sequel to 2007's severely bad-ass [REC] (remade as Quarantine in the States), in which special forces wielding cameras and guns enter an apartment building under lock-down, only to be greeted by its violent, infected residents.

Why am I excited? -- They tell me it's Aliens to [REC]'s Alien... so YES, PLEASE.

The Revenant

What is it? -- A soldier dies in Iraq, but then he comes back -- both home and to life.

Why am I excited? -- Just a hunch. Honestly, this is one that I know next to nothing about and sounds like fun. So, yeah, fingers crossed.

A Town Called Panic

What is it? -- It's a Belgian stop-motion film about a cowboy, an Indian, a horse and their follies.

Why am I excited? -- It's a Belgian stop-motion film about a cowboy, an Indian, a horse and their follies.

Trick 'r Treat

What is it? -- A Halloween-set anthology film starring Brian Cox, Dylan Baker and Anna Paquin.

What am I excited? -- This has played at least a half-dozen genre festivals over the past year or so, and it's almost universally been greeted with acclaim, while its perpetually delayed release has only been greeted with disdain. It looks to finally hit DVD on October 6th, but if I don't have to wait that long to find out if it's been worth the buzz...
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