Roman Polanski'Hills' star Lauren Conrad's young-adult novel 'L.A. Candy' is heading for the big screen, Jessica Alba is in talks to play with 'Little Fockers,' the Weinstein Co. kills 'Halloween 3-D,' and more of today's top movie headlines. img hspace="8" border="0" align="left" vspace="8" src="" alt="" />Erstwhile 'Hills' starlet Lauren Conrad (aka L.C.) has, like, so just closed a deal to turn her best-selling young-adult novel 'L.A. Candy' into a feature film. Inspired by (and NOT based upon) Conrad's own experiences in L.A., the book follows a 19-year-old who moves to Hollywood, finds fame as a TV reality star and then has to deal with the scrutiny of life in the public eye. Yep, sure sounds like fiction. [Variety]

Jessica Alba wants to play with 'Little Fockers.' The actress is negotiating to join the cast of the third film in the 'Meet the Parents' franchise, which finds married couple Ben Stiller and Teri Polo starting a family. Alba would play a gorgeous (shocker!) pharmaceutical rep whose sex appeal wreaks havoc upon the male characters in the movie. [Variety] | [Risky Biz Blog]

Michael Myers is all but invincible in the 'Halloween' movies, but it looks like the recession may have killed him. The financially troubled Weinstein Co. has pulled the plug on the recently announced 'Halloween 3-D,' which was supposed to film this fall/winter for a summer 2010 release, claiming they just aren't ready to shoot it yet. But don't count everyone's favorite knife-wielding murderer out just yet. Production will reportedly resume on 'H: 3-D' sometime next year. [Deadline Hollywood]

Children's book legend Thomas the Train is set to chug his way into theaters in a new animated 'Thomas & Friends' movie to be written by 'Shrek the Third' scribe Josh Klausner. Based on the wildly popular educational kids' book series created by Rev. W.V. Awdry in 1940, 'Thomas' has spawned a best-selling toy train line and is by far the world's most popular preschool property. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Uma Thurman: cougar? The actress has signed on to star in the romantic comedy 'Ceremony,' playing a soon-to-be married woman who catches the eye of much younger suitor Michael Angarano -- who then sets out on a mission to sabotage her wedding and win her for himself. [Variety]

John C. Reilly has signed on to star opposite Ed Helms in 'Cedar Rapids,' an indie road-trip comedy helmed by 'Youth in Revolt' director Miguel Artera. Helms stars as a small-town Wisconsin businessman whose mind is blown by big-city life when he heads to Cedar Rapids for an insurance conference. Reilly will play a fellow conference-goer who looks at the trip as a no-holds-barred vacation from his family. [The Hollywood Reporter]

'(500) Days of Summer' director Marc Webb is in negotiations to direct 'Just Another Love Story,' which, despite the title, is not another bittersweet look at romance. Instead, it's a remake of a 2008 Danish thriller about a crime photographer who pretends to be the boyfriend of an amnesiac, only to face the wrath of the amnesiac's real boyfriend when he learns of the deception. Sounds like a scary version of 'Overboard.' [The Hollywood Reporter]
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