Here's a quick look at what's opening in limited release this weekend. If they're not playing where you live, keep an eye out as they make the rounds. And if all else fails, there's always DVD....

More Than a Game (pictured) is a documentary about basketball phenom LeBron James and four of his Akron, Ohio, high school teammates. Reviews are about evenly split so far, though none are terribly negative. I get the feeling that fans of James and/or basketball will love it while those with a more casual interest might find it lacking. Playing in L.A., New York, and several theaters in the Akron area (nice touch!). The official website has a schedule of when it's opening in other cities.

Afterschool premiered at Cannes last year and has subsequently played at several other festivals, including South By Southwest. It's a drama about students at a New England prep school in the aftermath of a tragedy involving some of their classmates, and how they retreat into YouTube and the Internet to deal with their feelings. About three-fourths of the reviews so far are positive, with critics calling it a sobering, honest look at 21st-century youth. Playing in New York City now.

A Beautiful Life is about a runaway teenage girl and an illegal-immigrant teenage boy whose paths cross in Los Angeles. It's based on a play called Jersey City. Bad news, though: All six of the reviews posted so far are negative: melodramatic, heavy-handed, poorly acted, etc., etc. Playing in New York, L.A., Chicago, and San Francisco.

Chelsea on the Rocks is an unorthodox documentary by Abel Ferrara (who made Bad Lieutenant) about Manhattan's legendary Chelsea Hotel, home to countless tortured artists -- Dylan Thomas, Bob Dylan, Sid Vicious, among many others -- over the years. Ferrara interviews residents past and present and gathers their amusing anecdotes about the old place. Cinematical's Patrick Walsh caught the doc at CineVegas last year and said it's "kind of a mess. But watching it felt a lot like spending a night in the hotel, and it's a ride I'm glad I took." Most of the reviews are positive. Playing in New York now. The hard-to-navigate website has a list of release dates for other cities.

Do Knot Disturb is a Bollywood sex farce! Two of the three reviews posted so far are pans, though, so you're taking your chances. Playing on a few dozen screens in the greater L.A., New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Austin areas, as well as a few random places here and there.