A Nightmare on Elm Street

Jackie Earle Haley is the new Freddy Krueger in this remake that seems to be staying pretty close to the original (that shot above ring any bells?). Freddy's got the striped sweater, the hat and of course the claw. We don't see much of his face but there's enough to tell Freddy's sporting a new albeit still burned to a crisp look. Haley was great in Watchmen, but director Samuel Bayer has a resume filled with mostly music videos so I'm not too optimistic. The nightmare begins on April 30.

Tooth Fairy
Dwayne Johnson plays a mean spirited pro hockey player who is sentenced to serve time working as a tooth fairy, complete with wings, shrinking and invisibility. Seriously? I realize I'm not the target demo, but seriously? This will be out on January 22.

Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakuel
Jason Lee and his pop song spouting rodents return for a sequel. The first film raked in quite a bit of cash and gave in return lots of family friendly laughs, so I see no reason to expect anything different here. I do suspect a bit of shark-jumping for the franchise in the form of a rival singing group. Watch for this one on Christmas day.

The Crazies
This remake/re-imagining of George Romero's 1974 film looks like it may have a thing or two going for it. It's another variation on the zombie formula, though as in 28 Days Later these aren't the walking dead but people driven mad by something in the water supply. Also I'm pretty sure I spotted Lynn Lowry, one of the stars of the original film. The craziness starts on February 26.

The Book of Eli
We've got a second trailer for this post-apocalyptic flick starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis. Washington plays a man in possession of a book that could save the world. The trailer seems to be implying that it's a bible but I suspect that's a red herring. You can crack open the book on January 15.

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