Now that it's October, my mind has turned to all things Halloween-y, and I've been digging back through the vaults to find all the spooky movies that I've loved over the years, which brings me to The Monster Club. Despite having pretty permissive parental units when it came to my movie viewing habits (boobs and swearing, A-OK) horror movies were a different matter altogether. Whether that was to protect my sensitive little developing mind or just so they didn't have to be awakened by claims of monsters under the bed, I'll never know. But as a little one, The Monster Club was the perfect Halloween viewing: a little funny, a little scary, but overall pretty kid friendly -- at least to this kid anyway.

The film was a tribute to the work of British horror author R. Chetwynd-Hayes and starred Vincent Price (as a chatty vampire) and John Carradine (as Hayes). The film was comprised of three tales of a vampire family, a movie director who stumbles across a ghoul while scouting locations, and something called a 'shadmock' -- trust me, it's complicated. Sure, the stories were great and all, but my favorite thing about this whole film were the musical numbers that acted as framing devices for each story, and today for Scenes We Love, I have to go with The Stripper, performed by Night -- like I said, my parents were pretty easygoing when it came to 'sexy time'. What I love about this scene is that what could have just been an excuse to throw some nudity into the film goes for something that every horror fan could enjoy -- and I know I'm not the only one (although if you have a weak stomach, you might not want to click on that link) who thought this scene was a great visual gag.

After the jump; a stripper who truly takes it all off, and New Wave bloodsuckers...

As an added bonus; when bad vampire puns and 80's new wave collide.