Drag Me to Hell
Girl says no to woman at the bank, and soon falls under the wrath of the woman's witchy gypsy ways. It sounds like you're regular ol' horror movie, but it's also Sam Raimi's return to the genre. I wasn't the biggest fan of the film, but considering the fact that most of the people I know loved it, I'll defer to them. In his review, Peter Martin said: "Raimi has made a joyful romp through his personal horror playground and come up with a very entertaining horror-comedy that gets back to the basics." Buy it. Also on Blu-ray.

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The Proposal
Sandra Bullock is an easy-to-hate boss ... until she's about to be deported back to Canada. Desperate to keep her job and stay in the U.S., she whips up a marriage of convenience with her assistant Ryan Reynolds. In her review, Jette Kernion said the film "offers little that is fresh or new for romantic comedy fans ... but perhaps watching Sandra Bullock in her element will be enough for many of her fans. Me, I'm still waiting for her to find a film that better matches her talents." Still, Rent itto hang with Betty White. Also on Blu-ray.

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Land of the Lost
In Hollywood's ever-moving push to remake old Hollywood, we got the picture you'd never imagine, taking the most cult classic of super-low-budget television and turning it into a big-money experience. I wish they stuck to the old formula. But Todd Gilchrist says "Land of the Lost offers a sobering alternative to the pre-packaged and otherwise conventional blockbuster fare offered by studios this summer, even if its charms would ultimately benefit from (if not require) chemical enhancement of some kind to be properly enjoyed." Rent it. Also on Blu-ray.

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Atom Egoyan's cyberspace drama stars Devon Bostick as a kid who reinvents himself on the Internet. Also starring Scott Speedman and Rachel Blanchard, Kim Voynar reviewed the film from Cannes and said it "is a beautifully evocative film, though some may find its convoluted storyline distracting." Rent it. Also on Blu-ray.

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The Haunted Airman
Not all of Robert Pattinson's work has him sparkling or twirling Dali's mustache. (Although this DVD cover really does what it can to remind people of Twilight.) Originally a BBC TV film, Pattinson plays an RAF lieutenant who is confined to a wheelchair in a creepy mansion where he suffers eerie nightmares and visions. Unless you want to see RPatt in a decidedly different role, it's probably best to Skip it.

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Stop Making Sense
Jonathan Demme's classic Talking Heads concert video is now hitting Blu-ray. It's got all the extras from the 1999 DVD, plus a rare press conference from the same year. Big Picture Sound's review says there are two distinct mixes -- studio and stereo -- that benefit from loud play, and a picture that is "grainy in the best sense."

Natural Born Killers Director's Cut
Finally, the blood is getting into Blu-ray. You know Mickey and Mallory already (if not, buy now), and co-stars Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Downey Jr. IGN says this release does the film great visual justice, boasting a "voluminous, praiseworthy transfer" and some solid retrospective features.

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Where the Day Takes You
Here's a double-dip that actually has a reason to pop up again. This looks to be the first release of the 1992 youth-on-the-streets movie that isn't full-screen since the letterboxed laser disc. (Got the F.S. DVD treatment years ago.) It's a flawed film, with what DVD Verdict describes as another flawed disc release, but this is one I always liked, partly for the names in it, and the names soon to be. Get a load of this roster: Dermot Mulroney, Laura San Giacomo, Sean Astin, Balthazar Getty, Ricki Lake, James LeGros, Christian Slater, Adam Baldwin, David Arquette, Alyssa Milano, Nancy McKeon, Kyle MacLachlan, Stephen Tobolowsky, Lara Flynn Boyle, Robert Knepper, and of course, Will Smith in his first feature film role.

Andrzej Zulawski's L'Amour Braque UNCUT Premium Signature Edition [LIMITED: 2,000 Numbered Sets]
It's not every day you can get limited edition DVDs, and this week, it's celebrating Zulawski's take on Dostoyevsky's The Idiot. DVD Times calls it "the most extraordinary package from Mondo Vision." It offers not only the film, but also a CD, press kit booklet, archival footage, and commentary.

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