I can't say that I rely on subways for transportation where I live, and I can't say that I've ever had any problems on those I have ridden. However, if I relied on them to get to and fro, and if I made said commutes at the latest possible hours of the night, then I could see the threat of a late-night butcher creeping into both my poorly lit subway car and the periphery of my imagination.

Midnight Meat Train exploits the pulpy notion that some brooding mute who looks a lot like Vinnie Jones rides the rails every night, looking for fresh meat in order to keep countless (literal) demons at bay. And the ending of MMT -- yes, yes, spoilers be comin' -- relishes the idea that even these supernatural caterers must at some point retire and be replaced. Besides, after you've seen your girlfriend slaughtered before your very eyes and had your own tongue torn out, what better way to apply one's self than by taking up a life of death duty? Hell, it's practically a civil service, and certainly a Fate Worse Than Death!
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