The 1990 Ron Underwood-directed Tremors is a film you can't possibly hate. Darkly humorous and endlessly entertaining, it made watching people get swallowed whole by blind, ancient subterranean snake monsters affectionately referred to as "Graboids" one of the best things you could do with a date on a Friday night in the early 90's.

Ok, second best.

The beauty of the Graboids' method is that they strip away almost every form of defense you have. Running away won't work because they're fast as hell and attracted to sound, and normal bullets only seem to piss them off, so the best option is to get off the ground and stay there. But is this better than ending up as a tasty snack? Edgar Deems, the town drunk, thinks so. Although heavily implied and not explicitly seen, he was forced to climb an electrical tower, rifle clutched between his hands, to escape the threat of being consumed by a Graboid. Stuck at the top of the tower he waited ... and waited. The sun beating down upon him, the threat of becoming a Graboid lunch was overcome by the threat of unknowing. Will help come? Can he leave the tower and make it somewhere safe?

In the end, poor Edgar Deems died of dehydration. He ended up a prisoner of his own fear, baking underneath the hot Nevada sun and too afraid to tempt fate and make a mad dash for safety. Being eaten by a Graboid is a terrible way to die, but what Edgar Deems went through is truly a fate worse than death.
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