No matter what you thought of Sci Fi Channel's Tin Man, you have to agree it was a pretty bold re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz. And it generated a lot of buzz. So it came as no surprise to me when they announced a Syfy mini-series based on Alice in Wonderland.

Alice features an impressive cast, including Caterina Scorsone (Crash) as Alice. She's joined by the likes of Kathy Bates as the Queen of Hearts and Colm Meaney as her King. Harry Dean Stanton is on board as the Caterpillar, with Matt Frewer as the White Knight, while Primeval's kooky Andrew Lee Potts is very well cast as the Mad Hatter. Even Tim Curry got in on the action as the Dodo.
I have a strange love for all things Oz and Alice, so I'm predisposed to be excited by this mini-series. But aside from that, it actually looks like it's going to be better than what Tin Man turned out to be. I didn't think the steampunk elements worked as well, nor was it effective for us to focus on the Tin Man in that mini-series.

But Alice is keeping the focus on the girl who fell down the rabbit hole, even if everything else has been dramatically updated. It looks like it's as much a departure from the source material as Tin Man was, which makes sense considering it's the same people behind it. But this time they've kept to the surreal dreamlike reality that Lewis Carroll envisioned when writing both of Alice's adventures, as seen in this extended trailer:

It kind of makes me wonder what they'll get up to next? What other classic sci-fi or fantasy sagas are there to exploit? H.G. Wells? Jules Verne maybe? What would you love to see re-imagined in such a bold way?
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