It might seem to be strange to love a scene in a movie that frankly you are not all that attached to. But for today's Scenes We Love, I decided to pick one of my 'bittersweet favorites': the opening from Blade. Now why is it bittersweet? Well, because as much as I love this scene, when it comes to the rest of the movie, I kind of felt like it was all downhill from here. This is just my personal taste, but Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff) was never all that scary as the bad guy in the story, and, well, that chick kind of got on my nerves (hey, just my two cents!). But, I'm going to stand by the fact that despite a heck of an opening, the rest of the movie never quite lived up to this set up. I guess that's the problem with a great entrance -- it isn't easy to keep up the pace.

But this is called Scenes We Love after all, so let's not dwell on the negative. Because as opening scenes go, this one is a winner, with a pumping soundtrack, some pretty cool fighting moves, and last but not least -- the chance to see Traci Lords explode into a pile of ember and ash.

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trivia (via IMDB):

  • LL Cool J was originally considered for the part of Blade.
  • The original ending had Frost transformed into La Magra and he turned into a big old blob of blood instead of staying in human form.
  • Jet Li was offered the role of Deacon Frost but opted to do Lethal Weapon 4 instead.