Well, most of you readers have kept up with the buzz on this year's Grace, a fairly gruesome look at life after birth where they shouldn't be any, and probably already know where I'm going with this.

Those of you who haven't and dig the sound of a young woman (Jordan Ladd) doing anything and everything to keep her undead newborn fed should probably check the flick out before reading any further.
Okay, spoilers from here on out...

Our poor vegan mother, Madeline, discovers that, while her baby won't drink breast milk, she's not opposed to guzzling down blood. Madeline initially gives blood from raw meat a try, but Grace isn't having it. Madeline then kills a nosy doctor and tries to pass that off as the real thing, but no dice. Grace will only feed on her mother's blood.

Cut to our epilogue, where Madeline and her new girlfriend have taken to the road after leaving some more bodies behind. Madeline has an announcement, though -- Grace is teething, as evident by Madeline's gnawed-off breast.

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