Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series

Originally available only via digital download in six "episodes," Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series is being collected and released on DVD. The story follows Blair Williams (Moon Bloodgood) across post-nuclear LA in search of something called Ghost. It's set two years before the events of the movie.

While Bloodgood reprises the role in voice, the entire film is done utilizing the same CG technology that's used in modern video games, which means it actually looks pretty damned good. And it's filled with plenty of action and classic terminator models to boot.

The DVD set will hit store shelves November 3, 2009. It features a "The Making of..." featurette and interviews with the animation developers, film producers and Bloodgood herself. So even though you won't get to enjoy her true beauty during the film, at least you know she's there waiting for you in the extras.
I thought the Blair Williams character had a lot of potential, and I would have liked to see it explored more. But I think that's because I was used to watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which had the time to delve deeper into character. Salvation was about blowing stuff up. And cool special effects. At least this DVD set can offer us a reminder that under all the gloss and shine of the summer blockbuster is a pretty solid science fiction premise.

And if it does well, then maybe we can get an intelligent continuation of the Terminator mythology. confusing though it's becoming. Or maybe it's just time to reboot the concept completely. Extrapolating a Skynet from where we're at technologically right now is hardly a leap at all.
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