img hspace="4" vspace="4" border="1" align="right" alt="" id="vimage_1" src="" />20. 'Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror' (2007)
Fo' shizzle my nizzle? Maybe if you're sipping on a 40 and smoking a blunt with your homies you can find a point to this dog of a movie. There are three super bad stories about lost souls, with "cribmaster" Snoop Dogg starring as the Hound of Hell. It features a cast full of losing performances, by the likes of Ernie Hudson, Billy Dee Williams and 'Seinfeld''s Jason Alexander, but the best thing we can say about this movie is that it's only 84 minutes long.

19. 'Devil's Rain' (1975)
This is John Travolta's second movie after the 'Tenth Level' but his first melting on screen performance. Oscar winner Ernest Borgine also stars, as a satanic goat/priest, along with Ida Lupino, Eddie Albert and William Shatner. Now the casting ought to tell you something, but heaven help you if you survive the endless ending where the evil victims melt and melt and then melt some more. It's the longest 86 minutes of your life.

18. 'Zombie Strippers!' (2008)
"They'll dance for a fee but devour you for free" was the tag line -- that and the title really should have been dead giveaways. If you paid to see it ... that's your bad. Set in the near future in Cornhusker land where a deadly virus is unleashed by the government and everyman's fantasy becomes everyman's worst nightmare. Jenna Jameson and 'Nightmare on Elm Street''s Robert Englund star in this suck-fest. The Ping-Pong ball scene with Jameson is about as scary -- and classy -- as a Tijuana donkey show.

17. 'When a Stranger Calls' (2006)
Prank calling was so 1979 (the year of the much creepier original); besides, with caller ID now how can anyone be afraid? Try getting out of a service contract with T-Mobile -- now that's really scary. But not this remake about a serial killer who uses a flip phone to harass a babysitter played by Camila Belle. What's next? 'When a Stranger Texts'? LOL!

16. 'House of the Dead' (2003)
How do you kill a lame premise that's already been beaten to death? You base your movie on a videogame for starters. A rave on an island goes seriously wrong and ... why should we care? This 'House' is DOA, with Clint Howard, who looks creepy without zombie makeup, and 'Smallville''s Erica Durance. Even the Man of Steel couldn't save her from this mess.

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