font size="4">5. 'Psycho' (1998)
What were you thinking? A shot-for shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic creep-fest and then filming it in color -- oh, the horror! Vince Vaughn stars as mama's boy Norman Bates and Anne Heche has the displeasure of taking a shower in this remake by Gus Van Sant. Ted Turner could have done a better job by taking a stab at colorizing Hitchcock's original. Yeesh.

4. 'Two Thousand Maniacs' (1964)
This pulp revenge flick centers on a Georgia town that invites six "Yankees" (not the baseball team) to a celebration of the 100th anniversary of when the town was destroyed by the Union army. Guess the Civil War never ended for these Southerners -- they proceed to dispatch of the visitors in different scenarios. That's right, a horror plot based on the War Between the States. We don't know who should be more offended, Southerners or anyone who's sat through this un-civil film.

3. 'Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2' (2000)
Evil doesn't die -- it's remade into another freakin' snoozer about more students lost in the woods. This time around it's a Goth girl, a Wiccan gal, a sensitive guy and a dorky troublemaker who get drunk, stoned and possessed. Two live, two die. Who cares? And this version allegedly had a script, unlike the mostly improvised original -- now that's really scary.

2. 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' (1959)
One of the greatest of all-time celluloid baddies was written and directed by legendary schlock-meister Ed Wood. This film (aka 'Grave Robbers From Outer Space') about aliens who resurrect the dead to rule the earth is truly awful for so many reasons. The most obvious is that when star Bela Lugosi died four days into shooting, he was replaced by a double who looked nothing like him. Wood really had no gift for filmmaking -- at all.

1. 'Halloween' (2007)
Filmmaking 101: Never remake a classic. This craptastic "reimagining" of John Carpenter's original by Rob Zombie attempts to explore the psyche of killer Michael Myers. We want to be scared by 'Halloween,' not bored by it -- stick to the music, dude! On a lighter note, horror hottie Danielle Harris has starred in four 'Halloween" movies to date, including this mess.

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