Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, or at least that's what the good folks over at Gawker seem to think when it comes to Gerard Butler. In the wake of a number two movie at the box office and some not-so-great reviews of his hosting gig last weekend for SNL, Gawker has issued the Scottish actor the following decree: Gerard Butler, You Are Officially on Movie Star Probation. According to them, it's time we all intervened to save him from himself. But if he doesn't shape up, Gawker has decided the only option is that the actor will be "banned from all movies, tabloids, red carpet affairs, awards ceremonies, and celebrity relationships. If he can stay out of the press for three years, he may be rewarded with the starring role on a CBS procedural." Tough, but fair.

Sure, it's all in good fun, but I'll admit they have a point. I haven't seen Law Abiding Citizen, but even I've been questioning some of the choices on Butler's resume since his break-out turn as the tighty-whitey wearing Spartan in Snyder's 300 (and yes, I'm talking about P.S. I Love You and The Ugly Truth). So even though his celebrity quotient is rising, the quality of his movies isn't and that's a dangerous combination. Butler has a natural charm (and even a damn fine singing voice) which should make him the perfect specimen for leading man status, but you wouldn't know it from his career choices. He isn't the first (or the last) to fall victim to overexposure and bad decisions, but audiences are a fickle sort who can turn on you at the drop of a dime. So let's just hope we can scare him straight.

After the jump: a few more examples of celebrities who have fallen prey to bad career choices and the PR monster known as 'over-hyping'...
1. Jessica Alba

Doesn't it seem like Alba just suddenly dropped off the face of the earth? Just three short years ago, she graced the covers of magazines and paparazzi followed her every trip to Starbucks. But then her attempts to be a serious actress weren't met with much enthusiasm before she went and torpedoed her one claim to fame (her looks) by becoming a mom (suddenly the boys weren't so turned on). And now? The gal couldn't even get arrested.

2. Jude Law

As it turns out, all it takes to wear out your welcome in Hollywood is a taste for nannies and an inability to say no to your agent. Law may be a talented actor, but his personal life seemed to eclipse the work, and it was all over before you could say Alfie.

3. Megan Fox

She's still the dream girl of fanboys everywhere (and the scourge of Michael Bay fans), and you can't turn your head without glimpsing another half-naked photo or headline proclaiming her to be the hottest woman on earth. But remember, if all you are is a walking talking 'blow-up' doll, the charm is going to wear off pretty quick ... and before you know it you're yesterday's playmate. Just ask Ms. Alba.

4. Jamie Foxx

Think back to 2004 when the comedian-turned-actor picked up an Oscar for his uncanny portrayal of legendary musician Ray Charles. We all thought that this was only the beginning for Foxx, but then he had to go and ruin it all by flogging crappy R&B albums. Just remember, if you have to keep telling everyone how wonderful you are, then you probably aren't.

Who else deserves movie star probation?
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