There are some big casting rumors circling two big #4 features in the works:

Will Dylan Baker finally have a chance to play the Lizard in Spider-Man 4? Looks that way, as during a Q&A for the new horror flick Trick 'R Treat in New York City the other night, Baker said that he'd just gotten a call regarding Spider-Man 4 and that he's definitely onboard for the fourth installment. Of course, considering the fact that Baker played the unassuming Dr. Curt Connors in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3, there's a chance he'll be playing the same boring, no-nothing role for a third time. But since this will most likely be the last film for Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst -- thereby making it the last film within this particular Spider-Man universe -- then I can't see why they wouldn't finally move forward with Baker as the Lizard.

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Then hit the jump for Mad Max news...

Let this be my public apology to Tom Hardy, an actor I'd completely dismissed due to his pouty-lipped performance as Picard's villainous clone in Star Trek: Nemesis. I expect evil clones to at least act somewhat like their heroic counterparts, but Hardy didn't even come close to resembling Jean-Luc Picard at any point in that picture. These lowered expectations led me to get knocked flat on my butt by Hardy's amazing, fearless performance in this year's Bronson, in which he disappears completely into the role of England's most notorious career prisoner. Hardy is unhinged in that film, turning from shockingly funny to downright scary on a dime, as the scenes demand it.

It's that presence that Hardy brings to Bronson that makes me excited that he's being considered for the role of Max in director George Miller's new Mad Max relaunch (announced originally as Fury Road). E! Online reports that sources close to Miller confirm that he's got his eye on Tom Hardy to replace Mel Gibson as the lead, and I'm hard-pressed to think of a more inspired choice. Oscar-winning glamourpuss Charlize Theron is also being considered as the female lead role in the film.

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