According to the good folks over at Arrow in the Head, Saw VI is apparently more than the rating boards of Spain can handle. The film has earned itself an X rating despite being wildly successful in all its other incarnations. What is it about Saw VI that has the Spanish MPAA's pantalones all in a twist? Did they get shipped an unrated cut? Or do they just like the idea of pairing it with Debbie Does Barcelona as a double feature? The craziest part of this whole story, in my opinion, is that the company that distributes the Saw films in freaking Disney! Oh yeah, and Disney has pulled all its promotional material (television ads, posters, and the like) and is currently in a battle with the Spanish MPAA over the issue.

My question, and I pose this to our readership, is what is it about Saw VI that would prompt a governing body that permitted all the other Saw films to get by on an R rating to slap this one with an X? Obviously horror films have a long history of varying international ratings and even getting completely banned in some countries, but I can't understand why Spain would wait through five entries in the franchise to finally decide they were against the content. Are they just fed up with the series? Should America have slapped Saw V with an X rating to warn Twisted that we are tired of crappy storylines and plot devices so convenient that even the dumbest guy in the theater rolled his eyes?

While I haven't seen the film, I've heard plenty of people talk about it. Based on the things I've heard I feel there has to be something political at play in this scenario. My friends and colleagues all seem to agree that Saw VI is a much better film than IV or V, but at no point have I heard anyone say that the level of gore in this film overshadows that of any previous entry. So again, they either have to have a super-unrated cut of the film, or somebody at Disney pissed off the wrong person over at the Spanish MPAA. Either way if you live in Spain, and are a big fan of the series, you have my condolences. On the upside, maybe this will mean a big weekend for the porno theaters in Spain and that's something we can all appreciate. Right?

And seriously; Disney handles this series' distribution in Spain? Does that make anyone else's head explode? I know Disney is a giant octopus of a corporation with it's tentacles in many, many pies, but I never in a million years would have pegged this pairing. It would be like Nickelodeon producing the next Hostel sequel. It gives me hope that maybe someday we'll get Tobin Bell voicing a snarky cat or evil wizard in an animated film. Can you imagine that guy's voice in a Disney movie? I know it probably won't happen, but a man can dream.

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