The Wolfman

This is the second trailer for the remake of the Universal Monsters classic and it's got me hungry for more. Benicio Del Toro plays Lawrence Talbot, a man cursed to become half-man half-wolf during the full moon. Watch for this on February 10.

Season of the Witch

In this supernatural tale of medieval mayhem, Nicolas Cage plays a knight escorting a witch who is believed to be responsible for the black plague. There are some cool images here, but nothing is put into any context so it's hard to feel one way or the other about this one. The season begins on March 19.
The Spy Next Door
Not that it's a bad thing necessarily but doesn't the idea of Jackie Chan starring in a movie with Billy Ray Cyrus sound like an odd combination, sort of like mixing ice cream with mayonnaise? At any rate, Chan plays a secret agent with mad martial arts skills who has to care for some precocious kids. Kind of sounds like something Dwayne Johnson would do these days, and the fact that this is from the director who gave us Are We There Yet does not fill me with confidence. Find out for yourself on January 15.

A put upon teen is driven to suicide but returns from the dead for revenge. The trailer starts off with a frat party sex scene that has so little to do with the plot I'm really wondering why it's there at all. You may have seen the screen capture of the clown with the chainsaw, but rest assured there's nothing that creative here. No U.S. release date for this yet.

Death Bell
South Korean film in which high school students find the stress of exams intensified when they learn one of their own has been kidnapped and is being held in a tank that could be flooded at any moment. The influence of Battle Royale seems pretty evident, but I'm curious to see more. No U.S. release yet.

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