Now this is just silly. Shock Till You Drop is reporting that combination distributors Vivendi Entertainment and The Weinstein Company have seen fit to reduce the British horror/comedy title Lesbian Vampire Killers to simply Vampire Killers when it comes out later this year on DVD in the US of A. I'm not the biggest fan of the movie - I think its plot of two idiot men who stumble into dealings with femme-exclusive vamps and ancient curses has some half-hearted laughs and some scantily clad ladies, but is otherwise nothing special - but this decision is flabbergasting to me, because, well, why bother?

It's not as if the movie is widely popular to begin with, but the only reason it has what little recognition it does is because of the name Lesbian Vampire Killers. A christening like that comes with a certain set of expectations and a certain built in demographic, to call it just Vampire Killers is to retroactively neuter the very reason it exists in the first place. I understand the logic behind this re-title less than I understand how to forge the phallic-shaped handle of the sword used to kill the she-vamps in the movie. It's just the DVD release, for crying out loud.
While I wouldn't have agreed with it, I at least would understand the motivation if this was a theatrical release, as there is always an uptight group somewhere ready to protest a film's release no matter how futile it is. But there is going to be no groundswell of picket lines outside of Best Buy store fronts, and if Walmart can carry "The L Word", they can sure carry L-Word Vampire Killers. I'm no DVDologist, but I guarantee that the Weinstein's would sell more copies of a movie called Lesbian Vampire Killers than they would Vampire Killers, so considering how hurt they are for income these days, this move makes even less sense. They can put a travesty like Halloween 2 back into theaters, but they can't stand behind the word lesbian? Real morally consistent studio ya' got there, fellas.
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