By: Jen Yamato

If you're still on the lookout for the perfect movie-themed jack o' lantern patterns for Halloween, look no further because we've dug up something for everyone. Are you a stickler for the rules of Halloween (i.e. don't blow out the jack o' lanterns til after midnight...)? Try the bag-headed Sam from Trick 'R Treat. Jedi in training? Carve the Death Star so you can practice infiltrating it. Bonus: you and Lego Luke Skywalker can even blow it up once Halloween's over!

Personally, I always went for the grotesque or ironic celebrity pumpkins. One of my best Halloween creations was a glowing, sultry J. Lo pumpkin. (The best part was watching her wither and decay the next week. So evil!) I've always sworn by the patterns over at Zombie Pumpkins, where you can find just about every movie icon you can imagine. Download SUPER easy patterns like Freddy Krueger, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the Joker, Jigsaw's puppet, Gremlins, and even assorted characters from the Harry Potterverse. (An Albus Dumbledore to protect your porch!) And yes, folks - they've even got new patterns from Twilight, Zombieland, and Michael Jackson, circa Thriller. Too soon?

Read on for more -- and the Death Star jack o' lantern -- after the jump. In past years Zombie Pumpkins creator Ryan Wickstrand has offered hundreds of patterns for a donation, but it looks like business is booming now; choose from a sliding scale of membership levels for varying access to his pattern archives. (Trust me, it's worth it if you're a true jack o' lantern connoisseur.)

However, the folks over at Fantasy Pumpkins are offering a tantalizing free Star Wars pattern: the Death Star. Fantasy's patterns can be a tad more difficult and integrate a "three-color" pumpkin-carving technique in which you make half-deep incisions in places to create a more layered, shadowy effect. They even call their Death Star a "pumpkin sculpture." Yes, these folks take their jack o'lanterns seriously, but hey -- so do you! A quick perusal of their 11-step Death Star pictorial shows that this particular pattern should take just under...doing the calculations...3 billion hours to complete. Ok, maybe not that long. But we are talking multiple hours, here. Then again, if you're even considering making a Death Star pumpkin, you probably don't have much else to do. (Death Star via MSN.)

(I kid, I kid.) Did I mention the LED-powered Cylon jack o' lantern over here?

Tell us which movies will inspire your Halloween jack o' lanterns this year, and link us to your proud photos once they're done!
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