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Empire has released its yearly list counting down the 100 sexiest movie stars in Hollywood. Since Jason already pointed you to Inside TV's list of hot chicks in sci-fi, I decided to comb through the Empire tally to see if any of our favorite genre-friendly actresses made the cut. I was doing research, you see. It's my job. Really.

I wasn't surprised to learn that seven fantasy/sci-fi starlets topped this year's list, with Transformers' Megan Fox landing the number one spot, followed by Angelina Jolie (Wanted), Emma Watson (Harry Potter), Scarlett Johansson (The Spirit, Iron Man 2), Zoe Saldana (Star Trek), Natalie Portman (Star Wars), and Kristen Stewart (Twilight).

The full list, ranked by Empire readers, is lousy with babes known for steaming up the big screen in sci-fi flicks. Head after the jump to see some of our favorite vote getters.
sarah michelle gellarSarah Michelle Gellar (ranked at no. 11 by Empire)
I was surprised to see Gellar so high on the list. It's not that she isn't hot (she's smokin'), but she hasn't starred in a hit film in years. Still, the tiny blonde has held on to the legion of fans she earned during her Buffy days, and she's made new ones thanks to her big screen horror roles and, of course, her hilarious self-mocking turn in Richard Kelly's bizarre Southland Tales.

Kate BeckinsaleKate Beckinsale (ranked at no. 19 )
It's trendy to call vampires sexy these days. But the vamps currently hogging up the multiplex aren't nearly as sexy as Beckinsale's stealthy Celine from the Underworld series. It might not be the best career move she could make, but we're sill hoping to see her strap on that leather outfit and reprise the role in Underworld 4.

zooey deschanelZooey Deschanel (ranked at no. 20)
The beautiful indie actress continues to class up Hollywood blockbusters while still finding time to appear in great low-budget fare. She got our attention, of course, as the irresistibly impulsive Trillian in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

kristen bellKristen Bell (ranked at no. 29)
We knew Bell was a sci-fi fan during her Veronica Mars days, and she finally stepped into the genre as the sexy super-powered Elle on Heroes. Check her out as the voice of Cora in Astro Boy, currently in theaters.

milla jovovichMilla Jovovich (ranked at no. 43)
The model turned actress can't seem to stay away from the world of sci-fi and horror. From her breakout performance as Leeloo in The Fifth Element to her signature role as Alice in the Resident Evil franchise, Jovovich has found quite the niche as the fetching leading lady with a knack for saving the world. Catch her in the alien abduction flick, The Fourth Kind, due out in Novemeber.

Check out Empire's full list.
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