Like many of you, I was enamored by Heroes at first. I wanted to know how they'd save the cheerleader, and if that would -- in fact -- save the world. I was dying to see the sweet Hiro turn into the badass fighter. Most of all -- I wanted to see Peter and Sylar face off with their insane melange of stolen power where they didn't jump behind a door to save on special effects costs. All this anticipation and fandom was given the rudest of gifts -- a season ender that was blander than a glass of lukewarm water.

And from there it just got worse -- only one or two episodes here or there ever tapping into the promise the premise originally laid out. This season, I finally gave up, just as we learned that someone would die. I was mildly intrigued, but that was only existing in the slivers of me that still held hope that the Heroes powers-that-be knew what "shocking" meant. That they knew how to pay off rampant expectation.

Instead .... Well, hit the jump to learn about the ridiculously unsurprising death. Sure, it's a spoiler, but only in the ironic and bland fashion Heroes could pull off.
Nathan Petrelli is saying sayonara. He's the original cast member who learned that he was leaving the show by reading the script.

eOnline said in the original piece: "Sources over on NBC's Heroes confirm to me that a major death is in the works, and this is not one that will go unnoticed by even the most casual fan." It would be "huge;" it would "leave a mark."

The only mark it's left is a barely itchy foot -- you know, when you get something in your sock and it itches just a little until you free it and move on with your life? That's it. Slight curiosity before it's tossed away and forgotten.

Who on earth would be surprised that Nathan was leaving after he, in fact, DIED? Yeah, he was transplanted into the shape-shifting Sylar, but that's about as reliable and secure as trying to recline in a rocking chair on a tightrope. Of course he'd be the guy leaving. They wouldn't have the only character the general public still loves always share a body.

This. IS NOT. A Surprise. What casual fan would be affected by this news? Once again, Heroes puts on the hat of irony, promising big things, building insane anticipation and expectations, then rolls out with the most mundane and lazy result they can possibly cook up.

At least I can thank the show for proving that finally giving up on the series was the right idea.
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