Oof, the first retail day of November certainly is a post-Halloween hangover as far as horror is concerned. This may be the weakest lineup I've seen all year.

Best of the New Releases: Dark Mirror
Earlier this year IFC picked up Dark Mirror as part of it's Midnight Slate roster, so if you missed it during its run On-Demand, now is your chance to catch up on this thriller about a woman (Lisa Vidal) who discovers that the mirrors in her house reflect a different reality than what she sees around her. It's not an outstanding movie, but it's interesting, and, perhaps most importantly, it is leaps and bounds better than all of the other straight-to-video movies out this week.
Best of the Catalog Releases: Them!

Them!, the classic about a-bomb created giant ants is more sci-fi than horror, but it is the only catalog release I could find this week that wasn't Roland Emmerich's Godzilla on Blu-ray -- and there is no way I'm calling the release of that movie best anything. Note, there's nothing special about this release except that it's no longer in a cardboard case.

Complete List of Horror DVDs and Blu-rays for November 3rd, 2009 (with snark where applicable):
- Beast Within (Please note that this director's name is Wolf Wolff)
- Contagio
- Dark Mirror (the only thing work renting this week)
- Death of Evil
- Godzilla (the American CGI one on Blu-ray)
- Mutants
- Night Watcher (24 Frames of Death exposed!)
- Not Forgotten (another IFC pick-up)
- Them!
- Vampiro
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