Fans of George A. Romero's Creepshow and horror anthologies in general can look forward to seeing him as the host with the most in Deadtime Stories. The sales art and info sheets from AFM were revealed by Dread Central this week, so skip on over there for the pretty pictures.

Volume I of this new anthology is being directed by Michael Fischa and Jeff Monahan and Volume II has Monahan flying solo. Each volume will contain three 30-minute films that will be suitable for DVD or cable TV release. The Internet Movie Database has a November 29 release date listed for Volume II, however the project has been moving at a slow pace for some time so don't get too excited yet. Romero may have a producer credit for the series but nothing terribly concrete confirms that. He will be starring in the series as the host according to IMDb. Check out a teaser trailer and the full details on the story lines after the jump. Spoilers be warned!

Volume I

The Gorge

When Donna accompanies her fiancee, Gary, and his best friend, Craig, on a morning caving expedition; she expects a fun hike, a few laughs, and maybe some kisses in the dark. But a sudden cave-in leaves them trapped with no way out. Gary's leg has been crushed, and as the days go by, gangrene sets in. With everyone starving, Craig suggests that when they cut off the leg, maybe they should take just an extra few inches. Will it be enough to feed all of them? And how far will three people go to survive?

On Sabbath Hill

Richard has it made--a lovely wife, two beautiful daughters and a good career as a history professor at a local university. A real stickler for attendance, he has no problem expelling students for missing even a single class. One student who never misses a class is Alison, a beautiful co-ed, ready and available for sex anytime Richard wants. But when the relationship gets too deep, Richard breaks it off . . . with deadly results. However, even in death Alison doesn't want to miss class--how else could she haunt him to the brink of insanity?


George loves his wife Audrey. So watching her die a slow and painful death from cancer is intolerable. A nighttime security guard at a high-tech lab for over 30 years, George learns that a doctor in the lab has been experimenting with dust from Mars that may cure cancer. When the doctor refuses to give George the dust, George kills him, takes the dust and gives it to Audrey. It no only cures her disease, it makes her younger, more vibrant and full of lust. With her insatiable appetite, Audrey wants more of everything. As her need for more dust grows, George realizes he has created a monster. He knows he has to get rid of the dust and in a fit of rage, throws it into the wind. But no good deed goes unpunished. The dust settles in a nearby graveyard, causing the dead to rise and George to pay the ultimate price!

Volume II


They say that teenagers sometimes disappear up at Lovers' Leap. But tonight, Deke and Judy are going up there. And what they're going to be doing isn't exactly safe sex. Starring Justin Tatum, Christine Fallon and Tim Colceri (Full Metal Jacket).


A lonely sculptor finds a valuable jade box buried on the beach. And what's inside it wants to keep him company. Starring Jeff Monahan, Kristin Slaysman and Nick Mancuso (Black Christmas).

Valley OF THE Shadow

A woman searches for her missing husband in the jungles of South America. And soon, the hunter becomes the hunted. Starring Amy Marsalis, Marty Schiff and Antone Pagan (Stripes).

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