At a press junket earlier this summer for 2012, Roland Emmerich told reporters he's not doing any more blow-'em-up flicks. "I would not know how to top this... It's just one of these things, you know. I had a hard time deciding to do another disaster movie, but... you cannot make a disaster movie if there's not something --- an idea in this disaster which elevates it to something more than a disaster. And so it was this idea, you know, that there will be a global flood and it's a retelling of Noah's Arc."

Later he added, "It's not my last film, it's my last disaster film. And that's because I wouldn't know what else to do. It's just, you know what, I really didn't want to do this movie at first... But when I decided that the idea was too good to not do it for the reason I had done before, I said, okay, if I do it, I will do it in such a spectacular manner that nobody can top it for a long time. I have that pride in my work."
But on the other hand, he said he hoped that 2012 would get the desire to do disaster movies out of his system but that he would "provocatively say that it is my last disaster movie. Maybe not. I don't know. I always like to say, Sean Connery always said, [this] is my last Bond [movie], and then he'd do another one."

He also mentioned that his next film would be about Shakespeare, called Anonymous (and no, Shakespeare would not be blown up). "It just tells the story how it came to be that William Shakespeare is the author of all these plays. It's just a movie about that... I'm starting casting as we speak."

However, it looks like Emmerich hasn't gotten his fill of explosions quite yet, as he talked to Cinemablend's Katey Rich about his plans for Independence Day 2. Check out Katey's video interview with Emmerich here.

If you had to make a bet, would your money be on Independence Day 2 or Anonymous for Emmerich's next outing?

[Full disclosure: These roundtables were conducted as part of a Sony junket in Cancun.]