The good folk over at Dreadcentral announced that Mezco Toyz has released a cuddly, wuddly serial killer just in time for Christmas. The geektastic movie and television show-related toy company has rolled out the newest edition to their Living Dead Doll line: Senor Frederick Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. They are also set to release an homage to the nightmare man in their Mez-itz line. The Mez-its line is actually a more stylized, vinyl casting of the figure while the Living Dead Doll looks more like something your sister would sleep with at night...if you had the coolest/most bugnuts sister this side of Baby Jane. For full details and more great picks, check out the full story here.
I am not much of a collector, but I may have to rethink my memorabilia minimalism after discovering Mezco Toys. There are some truly fantastic items up for grabs over there. The Freddy from the Living Dead Doll series is beautifully creepy and I love the details employed to bring his menace into a Cupie Doll frame. I had a few of horror villain action figures way back when, but I like the fact that Mezco offers several variants and concepts beyond the 1/8 scale carbon copies. I'm not a big fan of the Mez-its line but I like that it is an option. Dreadcentral also released images of a Mez-its version of Perseus from the upcoming Clash of the Titans film.

There were grumblings that the Living Dead Doll variety of Freddy harbors some sort of spoiler of the new film. I wholeheartedly disagree. Had no one mentioned to me that the reason for this particular model's release was the upcoming film, and given the Mezco's penchant for celebrating great horror classic and contemporary, I would have assumed it to be an homage to the original Wes Craven masterpiece. In other words I didn't see the differences in this Freddy as being based on the Platinum Dunes remake but a product of the Living Doll Line. So I don't believe this toy constitutes a spoiler. But now that you've read my reasoning, it seems a little more spoilerific doesn't it? My bad.
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