Is John Woo going to work with Tom Cruise again? Quite possibly, and in a World War II setting to boot. Woo has been in a hold pattern over Hollywood ever since Paycheck came out, although he's recently struck gold with both audiences and the box office overseas with Red Cliff, which hits American shores on November 20th. Now he's circling Flying Tigers, a project about the first American volunteer group in the Chinese Air Force during WWII.

We spoke to Woo recently about Red Cliff, and you can read the full interview with him later this week. However, we couldn't resist sneaking in a question about Cruise, and you can read what we got after the break. style="font-weight: bold;" />
Cinematical: We have been hearing a rumor that Tom Cruise is attached to one of your films. Is that true or can you even say anything about that?

John Woo: No, I don't think so. I would like to work with Tom Cruise again, but I also have overheard he is pretty interested to do the Flying Tigers. I also overheard they also have another script. So I still need to find out. I don't have much to say about it.

So it sounds like there might be competing Tigers scripts set to dogfight it out in development, but we'd like to cut to the chase and just pair Cruise with Woo once again. Woo made such an impact with Hard Target back in 1993, but other than Mission: Impossible 2, he's had a rough time on our shores. Flying Tigers might be exactly what he and Cruise need. Keep your fingers crossed.
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