If there is one disc sure to fly off shelves this week, it's this one. The Pixar film made instant fans out of most viewers, and agonizingly ripped the rest of our hearts out with the love story opening. In her review, Jette Kernion saidUp is "a very good movie that defies demographic categorization." By now, your minds are probably made, but if not: Buy it. Also on Blu-ray.

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The Ugly Truth
How do you follow up comments about Knocked Up being a little bit sexist? By producing and starring in a film that teaches a smart and successful woman the "ugly truth" of life from a notorious chauvinist, naturally. In his review, Jeffrey M. Anderson wrote that this romcom "actually knows next to nothing about dating advice, the behaviors of men and women, or much of anything else romantically human."Skip itand save yourself. Also on Blu-ray.

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Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut
We all knew this was coming -- the step above the director's cut, the disc for uberfans of the graphic novel -- a version of the film with all of The Black Freighter interspersed as it was in print. Grab this, and you should have everything you need from the big-screen cinematic experience. If you adore all things Watchmen, Buy it. Also on Blu-ray.

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The Accidental Husband
When he wasn't spending time in Watchmen's blood and carnage, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was becoming Uma Thurman's Accidental Husband. Another one of those floofy romcoms, this flick takes Uma back to her Cats and Dogs days, but this time, she gets the radio show and the man. I imagine. Do you care? Skip it.

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The Merry Gentleman
Michael Keaton's directorial debut is finally making its way to DVD. He stars alongside Kelly Macdonald in a crime drama about a hitman ending his career, and the woman who gets in the way. From Sundance in 2008, Scott Weinberg said: "The Merry Gentleman is content to be a straightforward 'people' story, albeit one with a little more brains than usual." Buy it.

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Another pick from Sundance 2008, this indie inspired James Rocchi to write: "it's slow, it's harsh, it's concerned with struggling, sad characters. The mainstream audience, looking for entertainment and escape, shuns movies like Ballast. Cineastes, looking for an American film that offers something on-screen other than glossy consumerist fantasies, will embrace Ballast with the ardent fervor of a drowning victim offered a rope. Hammer's film, on its own merits, makes me hope that between those extremes there's the space and chance for him to craft another film." Rent it.

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Monsters, Inc.

Why buy one Pixar movie when you can buy two? The utterly adorable crew of monsters are finally getting the high-def treatment in a disc postponed from May. High Def Digest thinks it's a must-own: "It has found a perfect home on Blu-ray with a near perfect video presentation and a superbly crafted, demo worthy, audio presentation. This is simply a must own for any Blu-ray collection."

Near Dark
Yeah, the cover has jumped the shark with its attempt at a Twilight tie-in with romance-filled allure and star Adrian Pasdar air-brushed to a perfectly ashy skin tone, but that doesn't make Kathryn Bigelow's cult film any less worthy of attention. (You can always buy the disc and then burn the cover insert.) It's a bare-bones sort of release, but worth it for the flick itself.

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Up - Limited Edition with Luxo Lamp
I'm not sure what's going on with this release. It was slated to hit shelves today, Pixar having settled with the Luxo Lamp people earlier this year. If you're a fiend of all things Pixar, keep an eye out or check out the link above and request notification when the lamp hops its way towards availability.

Mamma Mia Gift Set
And in a land of actually-available gift fare, Mamma Mia! has gotten the gift set treatment with a release that offers the movie, CD soundtrack, and 32-page collective book to satiate all your ABBA needs. But if you've got the flick and the tunes already, you might want to mull over whether it's worth the double-dipping for a booklet.