I've always been drawn to radio on the big screen. It seems antithetical -- a sound format being so perfect for a medium full of sound and imagery. Video killed the radio star ... right? Nevertheless, radio leads to wonderfully aural expression that gives film that extra little something, whether that be the perfectly pitched voice of a radio DJ delighting in word play or the perfectly placed song that evokes any number of emotions. Word play and great music -- they've always been my weakness.

Therefore, naturally, I'm all sorts of excited for this week's cinematic slate, which not only includes disasters, tough women, and fantastic foxes, but also a little flick called Pirate Radio. This ensemble comedy has been a long time coming. In fact, it's been almost a year since we first got to see a trailer for the film that not only features a cast including Nick Frost and Bill Nighy, but also marks the return of Philip Seymour Hoffman to the retro radio seat. Oh yes, Lester Bangs is back, only this time he calls himself The Count.

To get you in the mood for true pirate radio living on a tried and true ship, check out five great on-screen radio moments after the jump. (Warning: Some are NSFW.)
Almost Famous, Lester Bangs describing the throes of uncoolness. (The radio scene is only out there dubbed.)

Good Morning, Vietnam, Adrian Cronauer's bit on Military Intelligence.

Pump Up the Volume, Hard Harry reading the words of the Eat Me, Beat Me Lady:

Talk to Me, Petey Greene hijacks the airwaves.

Talk Radio, long-haired Kent sees Michael Wincott trade the henchman gigs in for cackling, long-haired rockerdom.

Is A Prairie Home Companion, Private Parts, Airheads, or Radio Days more your style? Something else, perhaps?
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