Indie movie lovers of the greater Los Angeles area, take note of a wonderful gem from this year's SXSW festival that's coming your way. Make-Out with Violence is an angsty teenage zombie horror comedy that I caught last year at the Oxford Film Festival, and tonight – November 12 – it screens in Los Angeles. For free!

Ok, technically it's screening in Alhambra. But this one-night only engagement will likely be your only chance to see the underappreciated indie film that our own Scott Weinberg called "pretty damn good" – and if I may add my own endorsement, Make-Out with Violence is original and gorgeously shot, a great alternative to mainstream (i.e. made with way more money) films about either teenage life or zombies. The best part? Make-Out with Violence is about both of those things. (It's also got the most attractive zombie hottie of the year, with apologies to Zombieland's Amber Heard.)

MAKE-OUT with VIOLENCE Trailer from MAKE-OUT with VIOLENCE on Vimeo.

The story follows fraternal twins Patrick (Eric Lehning) and Carol Darling (Cody DeVos), who happen upon the mysteriously re-animated body of Gwendolyn Hearst (Shellie Marie Shartzer), heretofore the hottest girl in school. They hide the still-hot-even-though-she's-dead zombie in their bathroom and try to keep up the pretense that everything's normal, even as life begins to spiral out of control, and Gwendolyn starts getting hungry...

Make-Out was shot by The Deagol Brothers (also known as co-directors Christopher Doyle and Andy Duensing) from a script they wrote with co-stars Lehning and DeVos after graduating from film school, and their behind-the-scenes story is just as fascinating as what's on screen. After starting production in 2005, the group had to halt filming at least twice; during one hiatus, Lehning and his brother formed a band to play shows to raise money to finish the film. The resulting music comprises much of Make-Out with Violence's excellent pop score, which is also available in a 2-disc, 44-track soundtrack. Incidentally, this soundtrack is so good, it might skyrocket to your best of the year play list if you give it a listen.

The Deagol Brothers will be on hand at the Los Angeles premiere of Make-Out with Violence, so try and make it out!

More info:

When: Thursday November 12th @ 7pm
Where: Regal (Edwards) Atlantic Palace 10
W. Main Street
Alhambra, CA 91801