Despite what the critics thought, people flocked to the end of the world epic 2012 which pulled in $230 million globally. Precious expanded into a modest 174 theaters but still managed to land the number three position. Here's the top five:

2012:$65.2 million
2. A Christmas Carol:$22.3 million
3.Precious: Based on the Novel: "Push" by Sapphire: $5.8 million
4.The Men Who Stare at Goats:$5.9 million
5.Michael Jackson's This Is It:$5 million

And moviegoers have three new releases to choose from this weekend.

The Twilight Saga: The New Moon
What's It All About: Do you really need to be told? This, of course, is the hotly anticipated sequel to 2008's Twilight. Bella's life continues down a dark path after Edward leaves her for her own safety. We've also got hunky bare-chested werewolves this time.
Why It Might Do Well: The first film had a $70 million opening weekend in 3,419 theaters. I suspect owning film rights to the Twilight series is like having a license to print money.
Why It Might Not Do Well: Some folks don't like their vampires to sparkle.
Number of Theaters: 4,000
$86 million

The Blind Side
What's It All About:
A homeless teen is adopted by a conservative family and matures into a football star with the potential to turn pro.
Why It Might Do Well: From a strictly personal standpoint, sports films don't really interest me, but this grabbed my attention. Also 67% at ain't bad.
Why It Might Not Do Well: Well, there is that vampire movie coming out this week.
Number of Theaters: 3,100
Prediction: $16 million
Planet 51
What's It All About: Animated comedy in which an astronaut from Earth lands on an alien planet where he discovers an extraterrestrial society similar to 1950s America. The little green natives view the visitor as a threat, however, and our hero is forced to flee.
Why It Might Do Well: The fish out of water premise is kind of cute and the voice cast includes Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long, Gary Oldman and John Cleese.
Why It Might Not Do Well: Numbers in the title can be tricky. Some might think this the fifty-first film in the Planet series.
Number of Theaters: 2,600
Prediction: $12 million

Here's my prediction for next weekend:
1. The Twilight Saga: New Moon
2. 2012
3. A Christmas Carol
4. The Blind Side
5. Planet 51

No perfect scores this week. Only a few saw Precious doing as well as it did, and most of us expected The Fourth Kind to hang onto the top five for at least one more week. Here's how we all did:
1. Matt: 11
1. Brad G.: 11
1. Brandon: 11
1. Ryan: 11
1. Jake: 11
1. Ray: 11
2. Sebastian: 10
3. Gregory Rubinstein: 9
3. WJDR: 9
3. lostinafog: 9
3. Garrett: 9
3. greatone: 9
3. Vera: 9
3. patronofchaos: 9

Post your predictions for the top five movies in the comments section below before 5:00PM Eastern Time on Friday. One point for every top five movie correctly named, two points for every correct placement, and one extra point for the top movie.