I love image editors like Photoshop. They've allowed me to make boring pictures funky, wipe the years off old and worn memories, and even get rid of the errant hair or blemish to make that nice photo truly shine. But I would give it all up and wipe my hands of them if it meant that the programs would be pulled out of the hands of Hollywood and the image-fixing machine.

We're getting bombarded by all sides. It's bad enough that lazy frakking poster creators actually shovel out horse poop like the embarrassingly terrible poster for The Takers, one that doesn't even bother trying to match the skin tones of the stars' heads with the stunt bodies, or thinks Paul Walker has massive Science of Sleep-like hands.

But we're also getting a never-ending onslaught of body de-hancements. I really can think of no better word for the folks like Ralph Lauren who are Photoshopping their models into sick, skeletal bodies. Adding to the pack is W Magazine, as BoingBoing shares. They scored an interview with Demi Moore and threw her up on the cover. While she may have discussed her dislike of being called a cougar, methinks she'd have more of an issue with what they did to her body. She's already ridiculously thin, but still, they edit. It looks like they tried to give her an "hourglass" shape (I use that term begrudgingly because it really doesn't apply when we're talking about skinny women who are Photoshopped to look curvy.), but worst of all -- they wiped out part of her already pencil-thin legs and were too lazy to make sure it matched. You can see part in the image above, look at the hip on the right, or in its full glory after the jump.

WTF! What happened to the rest of her hip?

Part of me wonders if this is some sort of subversive movement from inside the system, trying to infuriate us to the point that we take a stand against rampant photo editing. Could photo manipulators really be this lazy? As well as the editors who okay the shoddy work? And do any of you look at these over-edited images and think they're attractive, whether they be movie posters or celebrities airbrushed to plasticness and narrowed to stick figure form? Lots of people got kerfuffled with heroin chic, but these latest media incarnations are making those old, so-called skinny pics look downright round and cherubic.

But what can we do about it? All I can come up with is throwing Richard Simmons and the rest of the health pack into a closet, getting everyone overeating to the point of flappy, cellulite-packed obesity, and torturing all the image manipulators and editors back to the real world, or into a whimpering pulp so that some more reality-based people can take over.