The beginning of November brought with it the annual American Film Market, a proving ground for independent films looking to find distribution. If you've ever wondered where most of those straight-to-video titles you pass up each week come from, chances are good a majority of them came out of deals made at the AFM. This year's convention screened 445 films, and thanks to the dedicated work of sites like Bloody-Disgusting and Dread Central, genre fans everywhere have been gifted with dozens of new trailers for potential horror movie hits to pour over.

Being the anal retentive nerd that I am, I decided to round up as many of the horror trailers as I could find for films that were at AFM '09 and put them in one place. And honestly, I wish I hadn't, because this took forever and in the end, I couldn't even put them all in one place. The number of new trailers was so high, I decided to break this post up into two parts so as to not overload your browser with independent film awesomeness. This is Part 1, Part 2 will arrive tomorrow.

In this edition we have trailers for:
Blood Pledge
The Reeds
Puppet Master: Axis of Evil
Blood: A Butcher's Tale
The Clinic
Chain Letter
The Tortured
7 Days em>

, directed by Uwe Boll

A Blood Pledge
(AKA Whispering Corridors 5), directed by Jong-yong Lee

The Reeds, directed by Nick Cohen

Altitude, directed by Kaare Andrews

Slice, directed by Kongkiat Komesiri

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil, directed by Dave DeCoteau

Blood: A Butcher's Tale, directed by Mark Tuit

The Clinic, directed by James Rabbitts

Chain Letter
, directed by Deon Taylor

The Tortured, directed by Rob Lieberman

7 Days, directed by Daniel Grou

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